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Sanchito : Down?

Shift : Loading and unloading gear crate into jeep stopped working for me today, anyone ever had such problem before?

[H] Tom : Need restart plz 16th 20:16

pace : Thx zerty

Gonzales : Server need a restart.

Sanchito : Https:// !!!! Wow

PR9INICHEK : Server is frozen, again. Need Restart!!!

Gonzales : Server not responding :(

Shift : Server down

NSL : Server is frozen

zerty : Updated and restarted

Sanchito : :(

NSL : Yes server is frozen. 19:15

Xaver [501.] : Server frozen?
03.04.17 18:00

Shift : I would argue that even worse damage to gameplay comes from flipped occupation vehicles.

MrDef : Indeed, most Greenback tanks flip on their backs on town activation.
Needs a fix :)

Viktor Troska : Please consider updating the server to 1.68.141112. It contains a fix for the bugged tracked vehicle physics related to LINUX

Shift : Up again

: I'll be on in one minute

Shift : Yep down again

: Oooohh

Gonzales : Seems not got a disco

Shift : Up again

NSL : Now is back

NSL : Server is down



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This website is dedicated to the community of the [JMW] Jammy warfare ArmA III server, home of the Becti Zerty edition mission.

You will find here all information concerning the mission and its releases, the servers or events planned.

The objective of the zerty edition BECTI mission is to script as many technologies as possible in order to provide one of the most complex mission availlable on ArmA III with the hardest learning curve possible. That way the replayability of the mission is hugely increased.
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Since BIS did not provide any coherent way to tweek the new stamina system from a mission. The fatigue will be disabled on the server until further notice.

This change will happen @ next restart

zerty, The: 12/02/15
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