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Xaver [501.] : Back online :D

Xaver [501.] : Server still down

Jackie60 : Server down 14/01 10.00 :(

W OOD OO cz : Server down

Jackie60 : Happy New Year!

W OOD OO cz : Yeah Happy New Stress Free Year To Everyone

pace : Happy New Year

Yoshi_E : JET DLC Testing:

Xaver [501.] : Back online ty

katnomad : Server down
17/12/2016 21H french time

Xaver [501.] : Server down again

pace : Server seems buggy. Some ai infantry is not moving at all( Automanning Ai and some town defense ai). Guess server needs a proper restart

katnomad : Thank you

pace : Server running again

katnomad : Bonjour/hello

Server is frozen
17/12/2016 13h45 french time

Xaver [501.] : Server frozen again I guess

Jackie60 : Back up! :)

Jackie60 : Server frozen :(

Vadim : Can someone restart it?

Vadim : Frozen again :-(

Lex : Http://
In 8 minutes in the editor, by Consumption of the RAM helicopter = it is more than 3 GB, the File of pumping of VM= is more than 4 GB.

Yoshi_E : My wishes for Arma 3 in 2017: x64 and VR support ;)

Lex : Today in Dev of the version the client of Arma3 64bit has appeared.

W OOD OO cz : Thx Sir :love :clap

Jackie60 : Thx Zerty! :)



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This website is dedicated to the community of the [JMW] Jammy warfare ArmA III server, home of the Becti Zerty edition mission.

You will find here all information concerning the mission and its releases, the servers or events planned.

The objective of the zerty edition BECTI mission is to script as many technologies as possible in order to provide one of the most complex mission availlable on ArmA III with the hardest learning curve possible. That way the replayability of the mission is hugely increased.
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Since BIS did not provide any coherent way to tweek the new stamina system from a mission. The fatigue will be disabled on the server until further notice.

This change will happen @ next restart

zerty, The: 12/02/15
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