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W OOD OO cz : Moderators and admins can restart server with command !sht when this happens

[H] Tom : Class bin\config.bin/cfgmovesmalesdr/actions/civilkneelactions/` is not defined (`turnspeed` accessed)

Viktor Troska : Server is not responding for a while!

PR9INICHEK : @Shift Answer for you in PM. Otvetil tebe v lichix soobsheniyax.

Shift : @zerty i did, no replies for many days

zerty : Please open up a thread in the forum rather that using the shoutbox

Shift : @PR9INICHEK Are you co-developing this mission too? I have a problem with rearming CAS drone, by default it rearms wirh mk82 bombs, not GAU. I dont think its logical. PR9IANIK ti etu missiju tozhe redaktiruesh? Est' problema s perezariadkoj CAS drona, po umolchaniju on perezariazhaetsa na mk82 bombi, mne eto ne kazhetsia logichnim. Ili tak i zadumano?

Yes it is and second part of this Upg - Give chance AI rearm for one box.
Da, i chtobi dat botam shans perezaryagatsya ot odnoj korobki, potomu chto ot bolshogo ix kol-va ix sloghnee perezaryadit, tupyat silno

Shift : Why the removal of crates at flag? Is it because you could get high level gear from them without upgrades?

[H] Tom : Lol fail :) i was 75% ready for my own mission... but im realy condervative with apex stuff...

pace : Yeah thx zerty :)

zerty : Server back up with the modification of the mission by PR9INICHEK

Sanchito : :(

pace : Server down 10.02. 18.25 h

Sanchito : Is it working again?

Ducks 0n Drugs : Hi guys! :D

Jackie60 : Thx Zerty!

Xaver [501.] : Back online :D

Xaver [501.] : Server still down

Jackie60 : Server down 14/01 10.00 :(

W OOD OO cz : Server down

Jackie60 : Happy New Year!

W OOD OO cz : Yeah Happy New Stress Free Year To Everyone

pace : Happy New Year

Yoshi_E : JET DLC Testing:



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This website is dedicated to the community of the [JMW] Jammy warfare ArmA III server, home of the Becti Zerty edition mission.

You will find here all information concerning the mission and its releases, the servers or events planned.

The objective of the zerty edition BECTI mission is to script as many technologies as possible in order to provide one of the most complex mission availlable on ArmA III with the hardest learning curve possible. That way the replayability of the mission is hugely increased.
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Since BIS did not provide any coherent way to tweek the new stamina system from a mission. The fatigue will be disabled on the server until further notice.

This change will happen @ next restart

zerty, The: 12/02/15
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